The Best Friend Bracelet

A tender, funny story about making—and keeping—friends, perfect for fans of Sarah Mlynowski. Preorders available now:

At Hurston Middle School, best friendship is a big deal. And Zariah Brown makes the best friendship bracelets in town. Business is booming; Zariah can hardly keep up with orders.

The problem is, Zariah doesn’t have a best friend of her own. As the entire seventh grade gears up for their big Pajama Jam weekend, it seems as if everyone else is paired up except her.

So Zariah pours her heart and soul into making the ultimate friendship bracelet, using a set of beads gifted to her by a mysterious woman. But the bracelet turns out to be a tiny bit . . . magical. In fact, anyone who puts it on instantly becomes Zariah’s best friend! Now all she has to do is find the perfect best friend and get the bracelet on them! Easy, right?

It turns out finding the ideal friend isn’t so simple, and things quickly spin out of control. Will Zariah ever find her true BFF, or is she destined to be alone forever?

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