Author Visits

Nicole has appeared at festivals, in bookstores, and at schools, virtually and in person. She is excited to continue to offer virtual visits for the 2022 academic year. 

She offers a variety of programs and topics for readers and writers. For availability, rates, or questions, please send an email to visits (at) Her current offerings are described below:


Book Club Author Chat + Q&A
Great for all ages | 30 minutes
Just right for a group that has read one of her novels and wants to chat with Nicole about the book. Nicole can share her writing inspiration and talk about her favorite scenes. Readers should come with lots of questions.

My Journey to Jillian <or> Write Your Own Fortune
Great for all ages | 45 minutes
Just right for aspiring authors and lifelong learners. Nicole explains her publishing journey for her debut novel, Just Right Jillian, or the journey to write and revise The Many Fortunes of Maya. Includes a short read aloud and time for Q&A.

Look Again: Revising Your Writing
Best for grades 4 and up | 45 minutes
Just right for writers ready to revise. Nicole shares about moving from a “zero” draft to a polished draft after several revisions. She discusses roles in the writing process, and the difference between revision and editing. Includes time for Q&A. Can also be offered as a writing workshop.*

Feedback to Move Forward
Best for grades 4 and up | 45 minutes
Just right for writers ready to offer and receive critique for revisions. Nicole shares about roles of writing, and the importance of critiques for revision. She also offers sample critique protocols. Includes time for Q&A. Can also be offered as a writing workshop.*

Questions? Please send an email to visits (at)