Author Visits

Nicole has appeared at festivals, in bookstores, and at schools, virtually and in person. For inquiries, please contact Carmen Oliver at The Booking Biz. Current offerings are described below, although presentations may be customized to meet your unique needs.

To request signed bookplates, please complete the form linked here. Bookplates are mailed about once a week.

Book Club Q&A
Great for all ages | 30 minutes
Just right for a group that has read one of her novels and wants to chat with Nicole about the book. Nicole can share her writing inspiration and talk about her favorite scenes. Readers should come with lots of questions.

Inventing the Wheel
Great for all ages | 45-60 minutes
Nicole shares her writing process including with photos of her writer’s notebook and excerpts from passages in progress. She gives a sneak peek of the editorial and cover design process. Includes a short read aloud and Q&A.

Master Your Mind 
Great for writing clubs or older writers | 45-60 minutes
Just right for aspiring authors and lifelong learners.

Nicole always wanted to become a children’s author, yet she didn’t publish her first novel until her late 40s. She shares about her journey to publication, and her tips to master your mind reach your dreams. Can include a short read aloud and time for Q&A.

Writer’s Workshop
Best for grades 4 and up | 45-60 minutes
Using passages from Nicole’s writings, and/or select mentor texts, students analyze and discuss key qualities before writing, revising, or critiquing a short piece of their own. Can be customized to align with lesson plans or units.

Constructive Conversations
Best for grades 4 and up | 45-60 minutes
Just right for writers ready to offer and receive critique for revisions. Nicole discusses roles in the writing process, and the difference between revision and editing. She shares about the importance of critiques for revision, and offers a critique protocol, along with time to practice. [Participants should have a short passage ready for feedback. For a longer workshop, we can draft a short piece and solicit feedback].

Writer-in-Residence Program
Best for grades 3 and up | Customizable experience
As a former classroom teacher, Nicole loves co-teaching, or partnering with educators on curriculum goals to design a meaningful reading and writing experience.

The Neuroscience Of Creativity: Crafting A Personal Victory Strategy
Best for adults or teens | 45-60 minutes
During this interactive talk, Nicole shares about the ways the brain processes threats, why it can hinder your creativity, and what you can do to boost your chances of creative success. Participants leave with a personalized list of actionable habits. Can be offered as longer workshop with more participant interactivity.